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the original cult classic (meaning a lot of people liek it and a lot of people hate it) based on the play by richard o'brian. It stars Barry Bostwick as Brad Majors, Susan Sarandon as Janet Weis, Tim Curry As doctor Frank-n-Furter and others. The Movie is a spoof of just about every b-rated or sterotypical scifi movie ever. Half the people in the movie are transvestites from transylvania Rocky is the creation and janet and brad are a couple who end up stayign the night adn get corrupted. By far the greatest movie ever.

Usually viewed in a theater acompanied by a shadow cast.

It is an audince participation film, it is much like sex if you don't participate it's not fun.

its also a musical

made in 1975, color, 100 minutes.
I love getting dressed up on friday nights and going to the midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
by The Kez May 14, 2005
To take play/laugh/skip/sing in a happy manner to express joy or happyness
i want to frolic in the gardens
by The Kez May 14, 2005
The greatest one liner in 8-bit theater (that is used more than once) said by Black Mage (who is crazy awesome) whenever Fighter does something stupid (a lot) and angers Black Mage.
Fighter: *stupid quote*
Black Mage: Stabbity death!! *brandishes sword*
by The Kez May 13, 2005
1. An expression of excitement or happyness.

2. an alternative to woot.
WHEET!! I finally got those awesome seats!
by The Kez May 11, 2005
took the table or take the table is a poker term used when one person ends up with all the money.
I played texas hold em for the first time and took the table.
by The Kez May 15, 2005
what is said when someone doesn't feel the need to clap but is forced to anyway. originated at a boring assembly in Arizona.
*new speaker walks on stage everyone claps*
Kelsey:*very bored* clappy clappy clappy
by The Kez May 11, 2005

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