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3 definitions by The Juggernaut

The act of "grabbing the wall" (or in some cases the handicap rails) in a bathroom when taking an especially violent shit.
Dude, after I ate all those tacos I took a fat shit. It was a wall-grabber. I won't be able to sit down for a few days.
by The Juggernaut June 03, 2006
the act of having sex with a fat chick in an area of her body that isn't a hole, such as a stomach roll or horrible leg fat deposits.
Did you give big sally a free willy?
Yeah fat chicks need love too...but they gotta pay.
No. No. No fat chicks. Ever.
by The Juggernaut August 17, 2006
the action of taking a shit on a girl's chest, directly in the center, which may or may not include smearing it inbetween the titties.
I gave that hooker a mahoney in a cheap hotelroom.
by the juggernaut April 20, 2006