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A famous Beatles song, when you watch the music video, you will see men dressed up like rabbits runnin around. Sometimes you think you're high on PCP, or weed when watchin the video. With that being said, it is a great song to get high to.
In the upcoming Beetles: Rock Band, when playing I am the Walrus, the band members will be dressed like rabbits, and in the background there is a trippy video.

Every now and then you wonder how high the Beatles were when they were writing this mighty fine song.
Guy: Bob you only had one puff.
Bob: I am the eggman!
Guy: No!
Bob: We are the eggmen!
Bob: I am the Walrus!!!
Guy and Bob: Cuckoo-Ca-Choo!!!!
#walrus #trippy #pcp #weed #pot #smack #crack #rabbits #rock band #eggman #beatles #john lennon
by The JoshMeister101 June 09, 2009
The lead singer of rock band Creed. At around 2000-2002, you would find Creed as a generic band. But now back to Stapp. Stapp was known for getting drunk and getting in to trouble a few times. Reckless driving, fighting with the band. But the most well known crime people scarred him for was beating, or trying to beat his wife. Stapp had stumbled in to their mansion, likely drunk. He yelled at his wife, following that, he threw a glass bottle of Orangina at his wifes face. It almost hit her. After this situation, he was labeled a wifebeater and his many fans began to turn away. Stapp's career was falling apart.
"Did you hear Scott Stapp tried to hurt his wife"
"GOOD GRAVY! Why would he do that?"
#scott stapp #creed #wife #beater #drunk
by The JoshMeister101 July 23, 2009
A nice underwater blow job. In which the woman (or man) gets some air, holds their breath, dives underwater and blows like there is no tomorrow (as they should). This will send bubbles against your dick. It feels phenomenal.
"Dude, Jennifer and I were hangin out (literally) at Myrtle Beach, when she dove underwater and gave me a bubble job, it.. felt.... FANTASTIC!!!
#blow job #cock #dick #suck #sucking #sex #water #bubbles
by The JoshMeister101 June 07, 2009
A George Carlin joke: You lift one butt cheek and muscle out a small fart. It would usually sound weak, unless you powerhouse it. Best for church.
Kid: Oh man *lifts one cheek and lets out a small fart*
Preacher: mmmm, sweet Jesus.
Kid: I call that one the one cheek sneak.
#preacher #church #fart #anal blas #t jesus #george carlin
by The JoshMeister101 June 08, 2009
In Metal Gear Solid 4, the character Vamp is known for his scene where he gets shot right in his forehead. The thing is, he doesn't die when he is shot. "Pulling a Vamp" is being shot in the head and surviving.
Sniper 1: Shoot him!
Sniper 2 fires gun and hits the man in the foreheaad*
Man: Ow! Wait, I'm still alive!!
Sniper 2: What! No way!
Sniper 1: He's pulling a Vamp on us!!!
#metal gear solid #vamp #solid snake #boom headshot #big boss
by The JoshMeister101 January 24, 2010
A lesser known nickname for a major male crackhead. These men are most often found at our nations capital.
Guy 1: Look at Papa Crackpipe over there.
Guy 2: Hey dumbass, thats our president.
Guy 3:Ain't that just like that old fella.
#crack #cocaine #smack #government #nation #capital #crackhead #president
by The JoshMeister101 June 08, 2009
After you flush something down the toilet, you poop as if you want to chase what you have just flushed down moments ago. This poop is referred to as a "chaser".
(Mr.Krabs flushes Plankton down the toilet)
Plankton: I'll get you Krabs!!!! glub* glub*
Mr.Krabs: Heh Heh, and now for the chaser.
#spongebob #krabs #crabs #plankton #poop #doody #shit #crap #dump #chaser
by The JoshMeister101 June 15, 2009
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