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a place where every 1 from brooklyn moves only to move to new jersey years later
there are too many niggers in brooklyn im moving to staten island!
there are to many russians in staten island im moving to new jersey!
by The Josh Man June 30, 2004
When a male takes off his sneakers, so the female can put them on during sexual relations.
Is it just me or do air maxes make you horny during sneaker sex to?
Perhaps im just gay and thats why i want to see you in my sneakers during sneaker sex?
by The Josh Man July 19, 2004
When you have better things to do then hang out with your friends
I got a girl
I got a job
I got my priorities strait
by The Josh Man June 30, 2004
The most crazy/brolic person/rapper ever. He is known to drink at least 6 forty's of beer a night reguardless of being a school night or not. He has been seen wandering the berry west area along with the woehrle area in a ron artest jersey asking girls for sugar. He and his derelict berry west friends enjoy nose candy and throwing fortys through just about any ones window/sweet 16 cake possible(unless they know where he lives). He is armed and VERY dangerous
Give me some sugar for I am POE!
Poe threw a forty through some ones window hes fucking crazy!
I drank 6 fortys i am Poe
Poe had jersey sex
by The Josh Man July 02, 2004
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