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The Son of God, The Lion of Judah, The Prince of Peace, True Vine, The Way, The Truth, The Light, The Door, The Savior of Mankind.
I love Jesus Christ the Son of God!!!
by The Josh September 22, 2004
the name of an old cartoon show featuring a talking shark
Jabberjaw just came on a few minutes ago
by The Josh September 21, 2004
the act of getting joshish
You are really joshish tonight.
by The Josh September 21, 2004
1. Taking up chess, pool, bowling, and overeating as hobbies

2. Watching a Drake and Josh marathon

3.Attacking someone or something in a crazy mad way
Me and my friends are going to get joshish at the bowling alley after school.

Im going to get really joshish on you if you dont watch out.
by The Josh September 21, 2004
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