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This is what black music sounds like to white people, often cracka's that be in the KKK.
Turn that nigger music down, woogie boogie nigger....woogie boogie! - Clayton Bigsby
by The Jokers Wild 76 April 11, 2004
A Real Estate selling crack head. He is often high on Crack or on Red Balls. He is also a recent winner of Fear Factor, which with his winnings he bought the biggest crack rock ever known to man kind.
We all know that you can sneak into your momma's room late at night and steal 10 or 20 dollars from her purse and then catch the "D" bus downtown. Then you look for a Latino man names "Martinez", and we all know that Martinez's stuff is Da Bomb! - Tyrone Biggums
by The Jokers Wild 76 April 11, 2004
What nigga's be ridin on in da hood. We dey be keepin it mad real, YO!
20's on the Bentley coupe 26's on the Lac Truck if I get pulled over I'm probably goona get hacked up - Lil Romeo
by The Jokers Wild 76 April 11, 2004
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