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When two or more people have a mindless heated argument on Facebook, whether it's through comments on profile pictures, profile walls, etc.
Person #1: You hear about the fight after school today?
Person #2: No, what happened?
Person #1: Did you see the facebeef on Samantha's profile picture? The one with her and her boyfriend John.
Person #2: Hahaha, oh yeah. Sam's ex left a comment asking if he was enjoying his sloppy seconds. Then John commented back and said he was gonna kick his ass.
by The Joker in Bruges February 08, 2009
An unintelligent and promiscuous female NHL hockey spectator who mindlessly cheers for the whiny, diving, princess-like antics of Sidney Crosby.

Unaware of what it takes to be a legitimate hockey spectator, they disgracefully fill seats of an arena, including those that the Pittsburgh Penguins are visiting. Not necessarily a native of Pittsburgh, they attend or view games with only the objective to get wet via watching his every move. When asked, they are incapable of listing the names of other Penguin players, unless they act similarly toward the equally despicable Evgeni Malkin.

Many of them are hot pieces of ass (which makes it that much more unfortunate) and are usually identified by a jersey or t-shirt with Crosby and 87 on the back. Nothing against the city of Pittsburgh, but it'd be suicidally painful to live in a city filled with these broads.

They are a disgrace to hockey and almost equally disgraceful of the faggot himself.
Synonyms: Crosby whore, Crosby slut, Crosby bitch, Crosby broad, Crosby fangirl

{During a Power Play that was caused after a Crosby dive; Crosby scores a goal}

Guy #1: We were stuck sitting next to Pittsburgh fans in our own fuckin' building. It gets worse though, they were Crosby Groupies. And HOT!
Guy #2: What fucking sluts!
by The Joker in Bruges April 21, 2010

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