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Term used to describe the condition when water backsplashes right on one's butthole after his/her turd has hit the water of the toilet.
"That turd was so heavy, it gave me a teary brown eye."
by The Joe 82 July 02, 2006
Another term for a man's testicles.
That bitch just slapped me in my juicy fruits.
by The Joe 82 July 02, 2006
Term used to describe a more than perfect ass.
That stripper's got one hell of a super pooper!
by The Joe 82 July 03, 2006
When two guys have sex with eachother by use of a dildo in each one, bent over, back to back, so that the force of them having sex will cause their scrotum's two swing against eachother, making a clapping sound.
Dude, me and Gary were ball clappin' last night like we was on PCP.
by The Joe 82 July 02, 2006
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