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It's the action of staring at someone.
Oh god jake, I think that emo bitch teabagged midgit digs you, she's stirditer.
by The Joe December 03, 2004
Danced around by many small catholic children. Usually placed in the Nopehole though Rob stuck it in the popehole
Dude, that guys hopepole is like a tic-tac
by The Joe December 03, 2004
The only good thing about the Bush family. see Nopehole
Pink Texas Gold would be nice if their father wasn't such a fuck.
by The Joe December 03, 2004
Similar to the popehole but located north by about an inch. This dividing region is known as the bonch
Wow, I so vommited in that girls nopehole
by The Joe December 03, 2004
A sexual act involving anal sex where one tells the receiver that they have A.I.D.S. Upon the receiver learning of this, the giver rides away on a skateboard.
That bitch was chasing after me when I tony Hawked her.
by the joe December 17, 2004
A slut that is moist.
I did the russian hottub to that water slut James Mckinney
by The Joe December 03, 2004

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