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A sexual position where the female goes on top of the male when he's lying down. One of the deepest penetrations of sexual positions and is the best way to get a girl pregnant. Gives you a nice view of her tits and hits her clit effectively every time she goes down. Can also cup/kiss her tits or slap her ass to force her to ride faster.
1) The cowgirl style is the best sex position.

2) Shit, I think I knocked up Heather when I fucked her cowgirl style.
by The Jester of Terror December 06, 2008
A character from a Japanese anime called Naruto which mainly uses Taijitsu(hand-to-hand combat) as his disposal. As a youngster, he was often discriminated by his lack of ninja skillz. With his strong determination and faith in Might Gai, a teacher ninja who admired Rock Lee, he destroys and kicks many asses with only Taijitsu and other various techniques as Drunken Boxing and opening "Chakra Gates", a technique where you unleash unlimited amounts of chakra to kick your opponent's ass. Rock Lee may not be favored by many girls, however, he is favored for his elite skillz as Taijitsu Specialist, Drunken Boxing, and his realistic resemblance and inspiration of Bruce Lee. There are only 3 major Rock Lee battles(Gaara vs. Rock Lee , Kimminaro vs. Rock Lee, Raiga vs. Rock Lee) but they are considered one of the most elite battles in the history of Naruto.
That haircut reminds me of Rock Lee.

Dude, Rock Lee kicks ass.

Not only is he cool, he is the only one that looks cute while fighting drunk.

Rock Lee pWnZ A11.

I will be like Rock Lee and kick your ass.
by The Jester of Terror September 15, 2007

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