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What is left over after wrapping both hand around your erect cock. Thats something; either you have it or you don't.
"I have something, about an inch in-a-half of something. Wanta see it?" I asked with a grin.
"What is it?" she replied.
Now she has a restaining order against me. All cause of alittle something.
by The JerkMeister May 17, 2008
The art of flipping a bed over onto the poor bastard in it. Then jumping on top of the bed and seeing how long you can stay on top and keep riding your "wave" (the twisting, curseing person under the bed). Jumping up and down is also A-O-K, just don't touch the floor. Else you have to start over.
Well the Jerk passed out on the bed.. So Brett decided to go "Jerk Surfing" and flipped the bed over onto the Jerk; and jumped on top of the mess.

"Hey get out of my bed you stupid hippie" I yelled and still they laid there. So I did the old jerk surfing move and made sure to jump extra hard onto the bed. Dam smelly hippies.
by The JerkMeister May 14, 2008
Going to the bar's with your buddies, and placeing bet's on who will get the most fat chicks phone numbers. There is also a prize for nastest hog and biggest hog (blue ribbon hog's is the term we use). On the onset of going out you must all decide a friends, number and name, you will all use as your own. (We use mostly the skinnest of the crew; who is not going out with us that night.)
The Jerm won blue ribbons last week for the biggest hog and nastest hog; with one chick! God she almost ate him.
Goonie always gets the bad end of us goin hoggin. They alway's call him the next day.
by The JerkMeister May 17, 2008

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