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2 definitions by The Jerk Meister

A fat chick you find for desprate sex. You take her camping with you, so no one will view your mounting of her. Except natures animals, and they do not judge.
I was so hard up for some lovin.. I went "Hoggin" and found me a take. We went camping and she was my "mobile waterbed".
by The Jerk Meister January 23, 2009
Very rude and rather evil to use... The Cornholers Suprize is a near fail proof way to insure that the reciever NEVER comes back to your bed.
Process is very simple...
1- Get the target into having sex with you.
2- Achieve the doggy stlye position.
3- Just be for you blow your load, accidently cramp your wang balls deep in to targets butthole.
4- To make sure they stay away. be VERY VERY rude about it. Never I say NEVER utter the words "I'm sorry".
My ex keep cock blocking me at partys. So I sweet talked her into one last round of good by sex. HAHA! You should have seen the look on her face when I gave her "The Cornholers Suprize"! She has not been around since.
by The Jerk Meister January 23, 2009