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The logo of Nine Inch Nails, with a reversed second 'N'. Short form slang popularized by parents and those who didn't realise the letters stood for something. 'Nails' is the appropriate short form.
"What is 'NIN?" asked his mother.
by The Jayson July 19, 2009

Of or pertaining to cinematography.
"The first movie was cinematographically better than the sequel."
by The Jayson July 06, 2009
The re-pronounciation of a particular band name as popularized by the late/great Toronto radio personality Martin Streek.
Nirvansquay, Kings of the Rock Stage, The Beastie Brothers, Bush formerly known as Bush X formerly known as Bush... etc. any band Martin Streek felt he needed to announce differently from the actual designated band name is a Streekism... Perhaps song titles too...
by The Jayson July 09, 2009
Typically a middle to upper class white male who has no actual street knowledge and adopts an accent and dialect he has heard only in music videos and other music media and proceeds to act like a gangster.
Esp. repping blue.

Origin: Script and Crip
"Those aren't Crips... This is Ontario. Those guys are just scrips. If they listened to country music, it wouldn't make them cowboys."
by The Jayson July 19, 2009
The act of seeking out to locate cigarette butts for the purpose of smoking them.
I can't afford a pack of cigarettes. I should quit, but It's easier to smoke some garbage. I'm going butting.
by The Jayson July 09, 2009
A full or nearly full cigarette that had once been abandoned only to be found, treasured an smoked by another person.
Oh, somebody left this whole cigarette in this public ashtray! It's a Randy-Juli'Andy!
by The Jayson July 09, 2009
A discarded cigarette-butt with almost no tabacco that another individual picks up and relights for their own consumption.
I can't afford cigarettes, but thankfully I can smoke this Randy-Andy I just picked up. And what a Randy-Andy it is...
by The Jayson July 19, 2009

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