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A highly addictive video game which allows players to waste their lives away three seconds at a time.
Crazy Fool - Man Wario Ware Sucks.

Wario - *Farts on Crazy Fool*

Me - I'ma gonna win!
by The Jamus May 24, 2004
1) Something that nobody gives a fuck about.

2) A protective layer in the stratosphere that keeps warmth in, radiation out, and let's the ladies lay out in bikinis for more than five minutes without turning into beef jerky
Yo Tommy, let's go to the beach. It's an ozone advisory day, so it won't be too crowded.
by The Jamus May 24, 2004
Metroid with a whip.
Yo Rocky, you played that new Castlevania game yet? It's like metroid with a whip!
by The Jamus May 24, 2004

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