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A blonde haired doucher who takes delight in cramming dumplings down his throat and making others smell his chad. Strengths are his ability to court females and completely ruin them in the eyes of his friends by using their mouths as contraception. Weaknesses are skin pigments, died hair, sexual ambiguity and of course the dreaded kryptonite. The Swiss-Italian-Country-Boy (or SICB for short) is also a chameleon at heart. The SICB is equally at home in the country, working on the farmstead and talking Aussie slang to Bogans as he is when taking googs with a big bunch of boost’s in a pink singlets at summerdayze. Truly a rare species, the SICB polarises people and sickens even the most fucked individuals.
Swiss-Italian-Country-Boy or Rigga or SICB
by The Jackal 888 January 12, 2010

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