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Walking in front of oncoming traffic and jumping out of the way just in time.

Made from the video game: Frogger.
I dare you to Frogger
No, man! I'll get smoked by a car!
by The Jack Wagon September 29, 2010
Duckish; To be like a duck; Meaning a duck-like person or object; Use: John is duckish; Quacking randomly; long noses

Duckling, Ducks, Duck, Quack
John is really duckish suddenly.
I know, have you hear him quacking?
by The Jack Wagon September 17, 2010
Sipshit: a word accidently used by misspelling Dipshit, but it sounded cool so I mad it into a word, happy now sipshits? To sip someone's shit, believe me, it's gross.
Joe: You suck, man!
Jack: Don't talk to me that way you Sipshit!
by The Jack Wagon August 30, 2010

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