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1. A common misspelling of the name of the 44th President of the United States.

2. Possibly the 44th President of the United State's stripper name.

Republicans, Michelle, and miscellaneous impoverished black women tend to slip into this misspelling.
Michelle: When I knew The Cock O' Bama back in college...

Common Street Hooker: That's him i tells yah; that man on TV right there is The Cock O' Bama!! Praise Jaysus!
by The Jabber June 01, 2010
verb: the act of wearing a cape, often to show off or imply supernatural strength and/or boost one's ego to prepare for a challenging endeavor.

other forms: caping, capery, mad caping, cape-a-liscious
Ryan: (wraps himself in a beach towel and starts roping in the moon like Superman) Look at me! I'm caping!

Jacob: I just try and cape all day, every day; I mean, why wouldn't you? You're clearly wearing a CAPE. Enough said.

Mike: Caping is legit because Harry Potter does it. If Potter didn't cape he would be dead to me like his parents.
by The Jabber June 01, 2010
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