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A black female who is full of anger and applies her anger towards other people to make herself feel better. It's not her fault that she's a niggabitch, because her ancestors were slaves and so the anger follows through the generations. Usually, niggabitches are loud and become frustrated and angry when they feel trapped or when they feel wronged, and start to scapegoat and put blame on others for their own lack of self-control. They also tend to be uneducated and have poor grammar.
That niggabitch started yelling and screaming about a simple yes or no question I asked her.

That niggabitch has no self-control at all. It's like she has a storage room full of rage and opens it up whenever she feels like it.

The niggabitch said, "Bitch, you ain't no better than nobody and you ignorant and rude, so shut up bitch; nobody like you!"
#nigga #bitch #cunt #africa #african #niggabitch #whore #black #woman #women #angry #slave
by The JaYBaY October 19, 2011
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