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A point in a relationship when you're so close with the person you're dating that moving in together is all but certain. You literally begin picking out curtains for your future apartment together.
Jake: What happened with you and Ruth? I heard you two broke up.
Matt: I have no idea...we were picking out curtains and everything...
by The JVL October 30, 2007
Another name for a condom.

If having sex is making love, a condom is a love cover.
After their date last Friday night, Alex and James went through three love covers.
by The JVL June 14, 2007
A sigh used by members of a political party usually in disappointment or disgust with what’s going on with the politicians who run their particular political party.

A sigh let out when an opposing political party gains political leverage and control until at least the next election.
Democrats let out a poli sigh when John Kerry won the Democratic primary in 2004. They saw it as the beginning of George W. Bush's second term.

Republicans let out a well-deserved poli sigh in 2006 when congress was handed over to the Democrats.

Third Party enthusiasts consistently let out poli sighs every year that Ralph Nader runs for President.
by The JVL April 29, 2007
Short for hideous. Usually refers to girls that are ugly, but can be used for anything that is not attractive.
Example one
Chuck: Did you see that hiddi beast? I think she had horns!
John: Yeah, she was hid for sure.

Example two
Chuck: You like the Bucks? There game is hiddi!
by The JVL November 07, 2007
An unwanted Eye Fuck. Eye raping usually occurs when an unattractive male stares down an attractive female, but can happen the other way around as well.
Guy 1: Dude she just eye fucked the shit outta you!
Guy 2: Did you see that hiddi beast?! That's more like eye rape!
by The JVL November 07, 2007
A former hippie who gave up the lifestyle and everything he or she once stood for. They are likely to bee seen working for "the man."
1. Bob spent the summer of love in San Fran, but now he sells insurance. Bob is a hippiecrit.
by The JVL April 08, 2007

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