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Rap is a music genre.Its hated by many people that believe in the stereo type that only blacks make rap and its always about shooting cops, drugs, money and sex. Which leads to another stereo type that says all blacks like rap...
1.Not all blacks like rap.
2.Rap's not only for Blacks.
3.Not all rap is about money drugs and sex...
4.Not all people who like rap are black
People who don't like rap, usually say
"Rap is crap that has artists like 50 Cent."
These are people who know nothing about rap, and judge it by what they see on TV.
If you REALLY know what rap is then you'd know 50 Cent sucks balls and isn't a good rapper at all.See the people who like rap, and actually understand rap know 50 Cent is not a good rapper.Rap is poetry, despite what any other person says. Rap is like poetry with attitude,poetry with a bit of gangsterism. Look at Mos Def. That is a real rapper. Somebody like 50 Cent or Cassidy has nothing on somebody like Mos Def.
Most people say that rap degrades women. I don't really think so, because people need to realize..
A bitch is a bitch.
A hoe is a hoe.
A whore is a whore.
And a lady is a lady.
Rap has something called a beat to it, something that sounds catchy and something you can dance to.For instance Tupac's California Love is something you can dance to. And anybody that tries to say thats not a good song...well isnt there a rock song that goes "I've got 2 tickets to paradise, pack your bags we'll leave tonight."
Some people say rap is senseless and doesnt talk about anything.
Wake up people thats what music is.
The ability to say express yourself, and it just so happens rap expresses itself more than others.And anybody who doesn't like rap, thats fine, but dont talk shit about it when you don't even know about it.
I've said enough above...
by The Intelligent August 16, 2005
G-Unit is a poor excuse for rap music.
Whoever said they were the best rap group on def. number 1 obviously doesn't know or understand what rap is.
This "rap" group is lead by 50 Cent.
A man who repeatedly wants to tell us he got shot 9 times (when what he really needs to do is quit acting like a wannabe G and take care of his fucking kid.)Other members consist of Tony Yayo who wants to tell us his very hard life in prison, and how this girl is so seductive when she was dancing on him, the way she was moving it was making him horny. <These are some of the lyrics to the new G-Unit/Tony Yayo song "So Seductive."
Whoever in the fuck calls this song rap is retarded.Then we have some decent members such as Lloyd Banks, who is (THANK GOD) a non-fake.Game was also part of G-Unit once but he realized how shitty and fake and non-rap G-Unit was.
See fake
p1: Ohhh dude did you hear the new G-Unit song that shit is poppin'!
p2<who really knows what rap is:Man what the fuck are you doing listening to G-Unot? Man your a fake person you need to be fucking slapped and woke up.*slaps P1 with dick*
by The Intelligent August 17, 2005
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