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Indian girls who tend to be overly goofy and loud. Ciciyas tend to be more spiritual and love hanging out with their moms.

A rather bodacious woman whos lack of junk in the trunk is made up for by a vivacious personality. Very immature. Sometimes funny.

Often mistaken for a lesbian.
Sam: Hey who's that chick.
Dave: Dude, dont bother, shes into chicks.

Ashlee: I love strawberries!
Ciciya: OMG!!! have you heard the strawberry joke?!?!?
Ashlee: no...
Ciciya: ok, why were the baby strawberries sad?
Ashlee: I dunno. why?
Ciciya: Cuz its parents were in a JAM! jajaja get it ???
Ashlee: Erm..
by The Inigo Montoya! August 01, 2011

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