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A type of female breast found in girls in their teens and early 20's. These women have abnormally "hot" tits that are often considered perfect. This usually results from having a boyfriend, or girl friend (friend that is a girl), such on her tits shortly after puberty. Wigly Gigly's are noted for their perfection of the female chest and represent the perfect breast for women of all ages. Wigly Gigly's can also be considered sexy and even cummable (making you cum from one look without any physical tough to the genitalia).
Matt: Dude how old is your girlfriend again?
The_Informer: Dude, 19.
Matt: Oh really?! Dannng mann. How's her... you know...?
The_Informer: Dude they are awesome man. They are Wigly Gigly's!
Matt: NO WAY!
The_Informer: Yeah man! It's awesome.
Matt: Props dude... props.
by The Informer of UNI June 12, 2008
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