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1. People who hate the Jonas Brothers. (No, really?)
2. People who hate the Jonas Brothers because, according to the Jonas Brothers Haters' enemies, the Jonas Brothers Fangirls, they are 'hawter' or more 'famouse' than the Jonas Brother Hater.
3. A group of mainly 13-17 year old boys who are homophobic and would feel 'gay' if they said they liked the Jonas Brohers. (DISREGARD THIS DEFINITION. IT IS HIGHLY INACCURATE.)
4. Synonyms for awesome.
I am one of the Jonas Brothers Haters. I'm female.
by The Infinite Sadness May 31, 2009
There are four known definitions:-
1) OMJ theyr sooooooooooooo hawt theyre da best musicans EVA n if u dnt lyk em ur jst jelos
2) Synonyms for 'faggot'

3) Talentless boy band that have been ruthlessly exploited by the new Disney to sell sex to young straight girls and gay boys. A stain on the honour of Walt Disney.
4) Synonyms for 'paedophile'
1) "OMJ did u c the Jonas Brothers concert last nite theyre soooo hawt & gorjus etc. ..."
2) "He's such a Jonas Brother, dude."
3) "If only Disney stopped making Jonas Brothers. BRING BACK THE MOUSE MOTHERFUCKERS!"
4) "Oh Lord, that old guy's looking at me weirdly, I hope he's not a Jonas Brother..."
by The Infinite Sadness May 30, 2009

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