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1:A cheap hat from the Royal Melbourne Show

2: A hat that was thrown at the fan and flew out the window
1: Man, did you see that fat shit with the Essendon hat?

2: Oh no, my essendon hat went out the window
by The Inc May 01, 2006
Fat kid in sport playing dodgeball with his tits bouncing when throwing the ball
Damn, Robert's brother has huge sasquatch tits
by The Inc April 30, 2006
A really crappy outback jeep that looks like the All Aussie Adventures jeep
Yo, did you see the Troopysaurus this morning?, what a piece of shit
by The Inc April 30, 2006
A fat persons anus into which dirty cutlery and plates are put, along with salt and a 4 in 1 finish tablet
Adrian: "wimpy is that fat, he is a human dishwasher"

Adrian: "Wimpy, do you help your mum wash the dishes?"

Wimpy: "Shut the fuck up!"
by The Inc May 01, 2006

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