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A girl with a hot body, but an ugly face. Stands for Bag, Bend, Bang.
also known as BBB, you bag em, bend em, and bang em to cover that atrocious face. "Dude that chick's a Triple B"
by The Improbable Viking July 20, 2010
A pedophilic asian with average eyes. Power-hungry to compensate. If you are under the age of 18 beware...
Ruis I are do my job! Go talk to that little kid or something.
by The Improbable Viking August 30, 2010
A group of Territorial White beings, who are sheltered yet amazing at Music and Video Games. May have lady difficulties.
OMG look it's a Zezeus out in the wild!
by The Improbable Viking January 09, 2010
When you cut your dick on your zipper. Often comes with dryhumping.
Damn man I was going to town on that girl and got zip chopped
by The Improbable Viking November 18, 2010
Too Sexy To Party~

An official title for anyone kicked out of a party for no reason, for the obvious reason is you are too sexy for everyone there...
Dude we were dancing and the dude's gf joined us so he kicked us out... Guess we are TSTP...
by The Improbable Viking August 30, 2010
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