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A bitch that makes cookies for baseball games. She is in love with her son and loves to cheer for him during unecessary times
Boy, i wish Bens Mom would shut the hell up!!
by The Imposter May 01, 2005
A very strange man that loves his dog in a romantic way and likes to stare at my friends when their changing. Been known to go on long kayaking trips with his lover his dog!!! ewww
Wheres Moose?

Oh hes in Kys room

Oh, thats why Ky had the do not disturbe sign on his doorknob
by The Imposter May 01, 2005
A school full of losers who wish they could be good at something other than girls basketball and could compete with Mountain Valley in every other sports.
Kid 1: Did you here Dirigo won the Championship.

Kid 2: For what Sport.

Kid 1: Girls Basketball, what else would they win, they suck at every thing else.....damn cougars
by The Imposter May 01, 2005
A very fine girl that happens to be my friend Zach's sister!!
Damn, Zach sister is fine
by The Imposter May 01, 2005
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