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A company in San Diego, properly known as Pangea Intellectual Properties, LLC, that was set up by a guy who owns two US Patents that he apparently believes make him the inventor e-commerce. The company has filed suit against dozens of small and medium-sized e-commerce companies for patent infringment, demanding licensing fees of about five thousand dollars from each.
A group of the defendents has banded together to form the PanIP Defense Group in an effort to get the two patents re-examined and invalidated so the e-commerce world can get on with its life. They have an informative website.
by The I Shing December 13, 2003
A group of business owners that have banded together to fight back against patent infringment lawsuits by San Diego-based PanIP.
PanIP Defense Group put up a website to tell their story.
by The I Shing December 13, 2003
See PanIP.
Pangea Intellectual Properties sued Advanced Battery Systems and about fifty other companies for patent infringment.
by The I Shing December 13, 2003
Something that one think ones wants but that one ends up quietly regretting ever having considered in the first place.
This slang came from a couple of friends (who were roommates) of mine, one of whom decided during a trip to the supermarket that he just had to buy that enticing package of olive loaf from the meat department. The olive loaf sat in the fridge for weeks unopened before the other friend demanded that it be thrown out. At that point the name of the meat became synonymous with something that a person momentarily and mistakenly desires. It could be, for instance, used to describe a physically attractive but otherwise obnoxious or troubled person, as in "She's hot-looking but she's still olive loaf."
by The I Shing December 11, 2003

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