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1 definition by The I Man1111

a word used to say that someone has screwed up at something they were trying to accomplish. like if someone trys to do a trick shot in pole but misses the pocket and hits the cue ball off the table. they have failed, but should not be used in situations where someones well-being or feelings are put on the line. also should NOT be used as a come back unless the person insulting you did NOT use a good insult in the first place. like "YOU"RE A....a....a.....YOU"RE AN ASSHOLE" you just say "And you're a failure....at life." then turn and walk away. in no way should the word fail be your best or favorite word to use in any situation.
1.a person trys to be funny by calling you a name and no one laughs. you:"And you sir, just failed like a captain."

2 this is what not to do. a person crashes on their bike. you:"FAIL!!" that is a no no.

3.someone swings a bat and the bat goes flying. you:"well...that was an awesome fail."
by The I Man1111 February 20, 2010