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-can be played with two or more people, with at least one player under the influence of marijuana.
-the players must not have witnessed the act, or have any initial knowledge that any other player may be high.
-if one player suspects another of being stoned, they must say "You lose the Game" to that person. If the person who is suspected is in fact high, they lose the game. If they are not, the person who called them out loses.
-if the person who is high is not called out after ten minutes, that player wins the Game.
-there are different degrees of difficulty involved in playing depending on who you are talking to while high. Also known as 'Bosses'
ex: talking to policeman - high difficulty
talking to teacher - medium diffculty
talking to friend - low difficulty
-the Game never ends.
*Rob and Dan smoke a joint and go to their friend Lindsay's house*

Lindsay: "Hi Dan and Rob. You guys hungry?"
Rob: "I'm okay, thanks."
Dan: "I'm starving!"
Lindsay: "You lose the Game, Dan"
by The Humphries Effect February 26, 2009
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