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To take a short nap during the daytime hours (best in the afternoon) in order to maintain a healthy routine or to prepare from any additional events that would otherwise drain much-needed energy.
Does not necessarilly mean hanging upside-down while sleeping.
"I'm going to go see Joesph D'Angeli later, so I need a bat-nap before we go."
by The Horn'd One November 30, 2009
1) To be even more mysterious and anywhere between 3 inches to a full foot more in natural height than your average Goth.
Once Karen donned her full makeup and dress, she became Miss Tall, Dark and Gothy.
by The Horn'd One May 26, 2009
('jet-gah-wee') acronym for the term "Just Enough To Get Away With It". To bend or 'fudge' with the established rules, but not breaking nor violating them, to produce the desired effect.
Bob's interpretation of the rules of the game were JETGAWI.
by The Horn'd One May 16, 2009
In the same vein as Sad Pants, Angry Pants, Cranky Pants, et al. A person feeling & showing off their angst-ridden mood.
Benny told his friend on the phone, "I'm not up to going to the club tonight, really; Jennifer's been little miss Angsty-Pants since she lost her job last week."
by The Horn'd One August 15, 2011

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