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(n.) A mixture of red sauce, (Spaghetti, Marinara, etc.) and period blood. Found primarily in African American culture. Red Gravy is used to put a spell on a man which keeps him from leaving the woman who gave him the Red Gravy.
she a crack ho but I can't leave her. tha bitch gayme da Red Gravy!
by The Holy Searse May 23, 2009
(n.) a shot of grain alcohol dropped into a glass of malt liquor. Similar to an Irish Car Bomb, but with no redeeming quality, (specifically in the taste). Named thus for the tendency of the drink to create a state of absolute despondency in the drinker's bowels.
Daniel: Hey dude, did you know that there is a Facebook group called "If 1,000 people Join This Group Michael Hearn Will Do 10 Colon Blows."?

Luis: No one can do 10 Colon Blows and live.
by The Holy Searse May 14, 2009

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