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The code word used by many walgreen's clerks far and wide, over the intercom to let a fellow co-worker know that there are more than 3 customers waiting in line. When "IC3" is called over the intercom, a co-worker will take some of the waiting customers at a seperate register, hence improving customer service.

IC3 = I SEE 3 (customers)

(4 customers waiting in line)

Cashier1: (over the intercom) "IC3"
Cashier2: (to customers) i can take some of you at cosmetics.
-customer service is boosted

by The Hodge October 20, 2007
Term when asked means figuratively that your a badass.
Cutler: "Hows your lawn Mower?"
The Hodge: "They can't stop us!"
by The Hodge February 07, 2006
No other rapper in history has aboused the word "aye" more than him. he is self obsessed and brags about his material objects. like most other rap artists, he makes substance abuse look like fun(although to some extent it is, of course). there are worse rappers/trapstars.
Young Jeezy: aye aye aye aye aye!
cliche nigga: gangstaaa
by The Hodge March 18, 2007
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