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A bowler hat is a hat made around the mid to late 19th century in London. It has a rounded top and a curled brim. In America it is known as a "derby" due to the name of the man who made it popular, Edward Smith-Stanley, 12th Earl of Derby. The hat was very popular around 1880, but since then it's use has slowly declined. In 1960 people decided they were out of fashion, and now they are rarely seen in public. Although once in a while a tendy young upstart can still be seen sporting this retro hat as a way to look different.
Guy-1: Hey, that girl who just walked past was wearing a weird hat. I wonder what it's called.

History-slug: Why that, my good fellow, is a bowler hat.

Guy-1: HOLY SHIT A TALKING SLUG! (dies of a heart attack).

History-slug: Remember kids, always tip your hat when walking past a lady acquaintance.
by The History Slug March 09, 2008
Back in the time where wearing hats was common etiquette one would often see a man with a feather in his cap. This would signify he has done something worthy of recognition, like completing a goal or winning something. Often, however, the British would see Americans wearing feathers, for seemingly no reason, and laugh at them for their conceitedness. They even created a song to mock Americans, known to us today as "Yankee Doodle". The feather, for a male, would be placed in the left side and for a female it would be placed in the right side. That tradition is continued today, only in place of a feather and a cap people use earrings, left ear means straight and right ear signifies homosexuality. A saying has also formed since then, to "Place a feather in your cap" which is used whenever someone wins something.
Modern day use:

Guy-1: Hey, I just won that hard sporting event!

Guy-2: Neat, that’s something to place a feather in your cap for!

Guy-1: Okay, what's that mean?

Guy-2: umm.. I don't know, let me look it up on urban dictionary. By the way, does that guy over there have his earring on the right ear?

Guy-1: why.. yes, yes he does! He must be a homosexual, for a straight male would wear it on the left.

19th century use:

Gentleman-1: Good morrow, friend, did you see that rousing game of stick ball?

Gentleman-2: Why yes, you sure did show those men whose the better stick-player. That's something to put a feather in your cap for.

Gentleman-1: Why yes, yes it is. But I better place it on the left side, as I am not a homosexual.

History-slug: Remember kids, always place the feather on the side that fits you best! Homosexuals and females on the right, straight males and lesbians on the left!
by The History Slug March 09, 2008
To be killed with a Deringer pistol. If you kill someone with a Deringer pistol, it is known as pulling a Booth. Named after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln by John Wilkes Booth.
To Pull a Lincoln

Man-1: You hath offended me, I shant allow this mockery to go unpunished.

Man-2: Ha, your threats have no meaning, now I shall spit upon thee.

Man-1: Die, coward! (shoots man 1 with a Deringer pistol).

Man-2: Ahh! (Dies).

Man-1: It appears thee hath pulled a Lincoln. Mwuhahaha.

History-Slug: And you, Man-1, have pulled a Booth.
by The History Slug March 08, 2008

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