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Tecmo Sproles

Referencing to a NES NFL Football classic, "Tecmo Bowl/Tecmo Super Bowl". A indication of the blazing running/rushing Speed of Darren Sproles and his ability to Dominate the game on the offensive end of the Field in a multitude of Positions. The Positon as a Running Back, Under-Score Screen Receiver, Punt Return and Kick Returns!

The Name Tecmo Sproles actually existed in 2007 when he was a san diego charger, but the name is actually defining his current presence as a New Orleans Saint.
Because of his explosive game, he receives the Honors with the nick Name "Tecmo Sproles"
Mr. Darren Sproles, I'ma Start Callin you *Tecmo Sproles* cause you be doing some moves dat only supposed to exist on games like Tecmo Bowl/Tecmo Super Bowl!! I can only imagin if there was a Tecmo Bowl hack for the NES I know that you'll probably as fast as Thurman Thomas at 75 out of 100 in Maximum Running Speed in your Excellent Condition or Barry Sanders at 81 out of 100 in Excellent Condition.

Tecmo Sproles it is!
by The Heretic Assassin November 25, 2011
A Quarterback projecting a Screen Pass towards their appointed Receivers or Running Backs. Some may consider this as a component of the West Coast Offense
Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons is NOT a Flame Throwa, he is a Game Manager, he like to throw Underscore passes because he doesn't have a arm like Rodney Harrison, the Former and Retired Safety for the New England Patriots and now the Co-Host of the Sunday Night Football on NBC's Panel.
by The Heretic Assassin November 30, 2011
Quarterback of a Football Team Cookin up their Opponents Defense, specifically the Secondary with their precision and accuracy! When a Quarterback is on fire by throwing underscore/screen passes, passes for 20+ or 40+ yards with precision completing more than 63-65% from the field and trump up at least 275-310 passing yards with at least one interception which is the worse case scenario, but with more than 2 touchdowns in a game and worst case scenerio, he Quarterback Passer Rating has to be at least at 90-95 at WORST! A Player like that is considered a **Flame Throwa**
Michael Vick was a Straight **Flame Throwa** in a losing Effort against the Rising San Francisco 49ers team when he Projected 46 Passes, Converted 30 of them, only in-completing 16 Passes completing at 65.2% with a QB Passer Rating at 99.5, just short of a Passer Rating at 100 out of 158.3. Although he did get a Intercept, he did get 2 Touchdowns. He Fire Whipped the piss out of the San Francisco's secondary for the most part, except for that intercept. he still articulated precision and accuracy and it was a pretty game for him Individually.

Flame-Throwa QB
by The Heretic Assassin November 30, 2011
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