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1. To masturbate.
2. To masturbate utilizing a sock or stocking for extra pleasure followed by shopping at a store with a masculine inventory then consuming a circular pie of meat and cheese with a fermented beverage with hops then completing the task by masturbating into an additional tube shaped garment.
3. An idiom used extensively in the off-road community meaning to jerk-off or masturbate.
1. Question: What should I do tonight?
The kiddies are at Grandma's and Tuesday the wife is driving down to pick them up and won't be back until Wednesday night. So, I'm "stag" for Tuesday night (sheesh, does anyone use that word anymore?). It literally has been years since I've had a night to myself. What should I do?

1. Go bar-hopping with some single friends.

2. Go to a baseball game.

3. Hang out with a friend that my wife can't stand.

4. Go shopping at Ramsey Outdoors for fall fishing season, then order in a pizza and drink beer.

5. Clean the house, do the shopping, and get to bed early for a nice night's sleep.

6. Jerk off in a sock.

Answer: You should 6-4-6.

2. I'm horny, I'm gonna go in the bathroom and 6-4-6.
by The Heiferman January 07, 2011
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