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A large oafy species of human. Often mistaken for a tree, it's cousins include The Roy.
Damn! that guy is sdo tall eh could be a silins!
by The Harry June 27, 2006
A book written by contreversial author Dan Brown. Although it has a good plot this book is not very well written. It is written exactly like a movie, for example, on the back a review says " Wow...Blockbuster perfection". Blockbuster. As in MOVIES! WHy didnt he write a movie script instead of a book? An how the f*** can you fit 105 chapters+epilogue and prologue into a 600 page book!?!? It's just stupid!
person1: i read this book the other day. It sucked!
person2: how much?
person1: well it didnt suck as much as the Da Vinci Code...but it was pretty close
by The Harry August 19, 2006
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