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2 definitions by The Hamdouglar

In the event of an ejaculation, one who fires six or more shots of cum.
Man: "I'm sorry i'm late"
Man 2: "Yea what happened"
Man: "A serbian six shooter"
Man 2: "Was it epic?"
Man: "The carpet caught fire"
by The Hamdouglar September 28, 2009
When nearing the point of ejaculation, the man removes his penis from the womans vagina, and sets himself in a circular motion. The man must turn no less than 127.8 degrees.
Man: "I'm sorry for that"
Woman: "You only covered 124.3 degrees"
Man;"Not quite the Cambodian sprinkler"
Woman: "Get the OXYclean"
by The Hamdouglar September 28, 2009