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Shark Piss or "Great White Wine", as the label indicates, is a white wine made in Truro, Nova Scotia. It is usually purchased and consumed by Junior High and or High School students.

Shark Piss is notorious for being inexpensive ($15 Canadian for 1.5 L) and strong (20%). The quality of the wine is so poor that it is often treated like hard liquour and mixed with other less disgusting beverages.
The student was discovered passed out in the baseball field, clutching a bottle of Shark Piss to his chest.

Tired of Colt 45 the wandering vagrant decided to treat himself to Shark Piss.
by The Hambone November 06, 2009
A mixed drink comprised of 4 parts Colt 45 and 1 part vodka.

Usually consumed in a humourous light as opposed to for actual enjoyment of the combination.

An easy way to become hammered quickly and with a few laughs along the way.
After a pint of Captain Morgan, ghetto hell sounded like a grand idea to the young lad.
by The Hambone November 06, 2009

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