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Greatest fucking punk alt. rock band ever. They hav the coolest sounding music, dont just listen to ther new shit (which is completely awesome), they got alotta old shit that is fast paced, punkish, guitar riffs that sound like socal punk, and the best part is, u never get tired of blink 182

listenin to ther shit will change ur mood entirely, whether it's carousel, which gives u that awesome, happy, strong feelin or if its I Miss You or I'm Lost Without You, which are completely depressing, moody sounding, yet still hav the punk, sorta experimental sounds to it.

dont be hatin on blink 182, or travis will probably beat the crap out of your anus with his drum sticks...then i'll hang your sorry dick

The Best of Blink 182-
I Miss You, I Miss You (James Guthrie Mix)(not that great but the acoustic guitar makes it sound so amazingly different), I'm Lost Without You, I Wont Be Home for Christmas, Down, Obvious, Stockhom Syndrome, Feeling This, Carousel, Going Away to College, The Party Song, Whats My Age Again, Adams Song, All the Small Things, M+M's, Dammit, Josie, Man Overboard, Not Now, Another Girl Another Planet, Happy Holidays You Basterd, Roller Coaster, The Rock Show, First Date, and finally Stay Together for the Kids
(Dude 1)- why r u listenin to Green Day?
(Douche Bag)- Cuz they rock bitch, Boulevard of Broken Dreamsssssssss woooooooooo
(Dude 1)- Green Day is for posers and pussy ass dipsticks, get your wasted ass up and listen to real punk: BLINK 182!!!
(Douche Bag)- Fuck yea n*gga, this shit rocks.
(Black Guy with Glock)- wud u say BITCH?!?!?! (***BANG***)

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