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Someone who inserts themselves in a group of talkers for the soul purpose of causing terror and casualties by detonating with a poor choice of words to kill an entire conversation.
Also see: Conversation Insurgent
Guy 1/2/3/4/5: (Carrying on conversation of work, women, and sports)
Conversation Bomber (Guy 6): Guys, I'm gay! After all these years!

Guy1: BOOOOOOMM!!!!!!
#bomber #sniper #insurgent #killer #kill
by The Gunnersmate January 31, 2012
Someone who, with one well timed, well aimed remark (shot) has the ability to disable and/or terminate a conversation.

Note: Not to be confused with Conversation Bomber.
Guy 1: Dude, that chick is bangin'!
Guy 2: I'd do things to her that would make a hooker think twice.
Conversation Sniper: She's not bad, but I think I would want to talk to her for a bit before hand just so I know I won't be stuck with some weird girl for the rest of the night.

Guy1: Kill Shot........
#sniper #downer #murderer #killer #bomber
by The Gunnersmate January 31, 2012
See Conversation Bomber for example of Conversation Insurgent
#bomber #sniper #insurgent #killer #kill
by The Gunnersmate January 31, 2012
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