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A person that does not have Diabetes – Symptoms of Type Zero include vastly stupid questioning of people with Diabetes, inability to distinguish between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes and making wild assumptions on what people with Diabetes can and can’t do, or eat. Severe Type Zeros will often encounter sudden pain in the jaw area. This is caused by getting punched in the mouth by an offended person with Diabetes.
Typical Type Zero comment "Oh. I know a diabetic. They have the Bad version".
by The Grumpy Pumper December 24, 2012
Pronounced Dia-bull-shitter

A Diabullshitter inaccurately reports on the supposed prevention or cure for Type 1 Diabetes (an autoimmune disease that cannot be prevented or cured).
Typical excretions from a Diabullshitter are:

“Prevent Diabetes by eating Cinnamon”
“Reverse your Diabetes by following my simple diet”
“I weaned myself off insulin and went from Type 1 to Type 2”
“Eating Sugar will give you Diabetes”

Some of the reports may well be factually correct when it comes to other types of Diabetes (Some are complete bollocks), but when it comes to Type1 Diabetes, they are total Dia-bull-shit!!!
by The Grumpy Pumper January 20, 2014
New Age Man with Diabetes
A Metro D typical carries a Man Bag with him 24 hours a day to ensure that all the equipment he requires to manage his Diabetes is with him all of the time. Simply carrying everything in his pockets, or a rucksack is not deemed to be Cosmopolitan enough for a Metro D.
by The Grumpy Pumper January 09, 2013

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