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The biggest FAIL of them all. "Dail" is an attempt to type "Fail" but missing the 'f' button, which leads to one of the most embarrassing and ugly fails possible.
That video of the kid getting a wedgie after climbing the fence was an EPIC Dail !!1

Dude, you are an epic dail
by The Griz Brotherhood October 31, 2009
To insert the finest quality (number 11 can) of grizzly dip into your lip and enjoy the effects
Yo homie you down to pack a beak?
yessir toss me that grizz green!
by The Griz Brotherhood May 18, 2009
Post-Sex-Piss: After engaging in coitus the need to urinate will surely follow. This piss, for guys at least, us usually a messy one because the direction of the urine cannot be controlled and it also has the remnants of exchanged bodily fluids. Might sound nasty, but if you fuck you will eventually have one of these. Embrace them.
"Dude, I had some good sex with nessa last night and had to take the fattest PSP afterwards."

"Did you pull an R Kelly and give her a good one in the eye?"

"Nah I accidently pissed on her cat though."

"Well at least you can say you pissed on her pussy!"
by The Griz Brotherhood September 01, 2009
Cigarettes that are taken without permission from one's mom in order to share with the group of friends.
"Damn i am feenin for a grit right now"

"well shit nigga i'll just snag some a' dose' mama grits and we're set"

"I conquer, grab that can-o'-HOSS you got while ur at it!"
by The Griz Brotherhood July 31, 2009
Another word for 'Cross Faded', to be drunk and high at the same time.
Damn dude after I hit that bowl at the party I was so cross tossed I didn't know which way was up.

I've been there many times my friend.
by The Griz Brotherhood October 06, 2009
Birth Control Boobs- When a girl with relatively small boobs starts taking birth control and them thangs inflate like hot air balloons. Nothin better than some grade A birth control boobies. Any guy that says otherwise is a fudge packer.
"DAMN, that skinny bitch used to have -A cups and now she's a C!"

"I'm tellin you man she's got those prime BCB's!"

"Ahh, what a country we live in"

"Yes sir"
by The Griz Brotherhood August 27, 2009
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