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1 definition by The Grim Creeper

A homemade whiskey that is not aged and therefore is clear.

Moonshine, despite popular belief, did not originate during Prohibition. After the Revolutionary War, whiskey was among the items taxed highly to pay for the war. For this reason, poor farmers built stills in the wilderness, usually in the Appalachians, and distilled whiskey at night. Hence the name "moonshine."

Also contrary to what some may believe, moonshine itself does not cause blindness, brain damage, or any medical problems aside from those that all alcohol does. Poorly made moonshine distilled by amateurs during Prohibition was the cause of this. Many people intended to make easy money and so added things like embalming fluid to their whiskey.

Moonshine is currently illegal in the United States because of taxes. It also has an extremely high alcohol content, usually in the range of 160 proof.
My grandpa and I went up to the still last night to start a batch of moonshine.
by The Grim Creeper February 10, 2010