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Is when you're about to eat something and you think you know the flavor, but instead you are surprised with a completely unsuspected taste.
Cousin 1: So how does my mom's spaghetti taste?
Cousin 2: I thought I wouldn't like any spaghetti my mom didn't make, but I just got Flavor Raped in my mouth!
Cousin 1: Yeah, hahahahaha, I remember my first Flavor Rape. :D
#food #taste #flavor #oral #orgasm
by The Green Reaper November 15, 2011
It is a Stoner originated phrase that is used to request that your friend, homie, partner, etc. pack a bowl of weed into a bong or piece (pipe), that is to small to be a snap and too big to be a full bowl.
Brother 1: Hey I'm not that faded, do you wanna smoke another bowel?

Brother 2: Well I'm a little high, but we need to save weed so don't pack a bowel. And a snap won't really do anything, so... Pack a Tweener :)
#snap #weed #marijuana #bong #pipe #bowel #piece
by The Green Reaper October 28, 2012
This is a texting term commonly used in reference to a party, or a party situation meaning; "Be Back With Liquor" (BBWL). Obviously alerting party goers that they will be responsible for purchasing the party's drinks.
-Ms. Chapman: Lindsay, you can't throw a party now; You just got off house arrest.
-Lindsay: Oh bitch shut the hell up already, im leaving; BBLW

Guy1: Dude were low on brewskies, what are we gunna do?
Guy2: Ok, don't worry i'm going to run down the street right now; BBWL.
#drunk #liquor #booze #drinking #alcohol
by The Green Reaper August 11, 2011
An Uncircumsized Penis; Infamously Known As An Unsanitary Physical Trait, That Is Not Generally Appealing To Women.
Girl 1: So Did You Fuck Him?
Girl 2: Hell Naw, That Nigga Had A Pull-Back

Cousin 1: You Know I'm Not A Virgin, Right?
Cousin 2: Nigga Please, Females Hate Pull-Backs!
#penis #dick #sex #pussy #vagina.
by The Green Reaper March 21, 2011
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