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What occurs when someone has boofed an object and then performed an act of snapping. The boofed materials (usually drugs) are then pushed deeply into a secure location within the rectum to avoid detection in situations where such objects would come under scrutiny.
Joe knew he was gonna get locked up after his trail so the night before he bought some weed off Chav and asked him if he could help him with the stash packing.
by The Green Commie August 06, 2009
Douchey town between Paterson, and Little Falls where most people are either Republicans or Racist Republicans. The local police usual have nothing to do but harass people in the vicinity of the best restaurant in the entire town, Qwik-chek, and the only decent place to hang out is a cemetery. Also known as Haledon's retarded redheaded step sister.
I didn't know there was a place that could actually make Haledon look good, then I arrived in Totowa.
by The Green Commie August 06, 2009

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