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A technique that involves a player in the game franchise Smash Bros. to stand aimlessly in a space where there is little or no activity, while other players battle in a differnt area of the stage. Often this technique os followed up with either long range attacks, collecting items for "cheap" purposes, or waiting for a smash ball to appear to be used (preferablly by Pitt).
1.- Dude you pulled a great conner just then. The way you don't fight and win is amazing.
2.- Aw the conor didn't work. lost. I forgot the connor stance only works 70% of the time.
3.- Conner to the max.
4.- The only thing comparable to pulling a conner are bitch tactics.
5. Connerism is a martial art. It is the equivalent of Tai Chi in Smash.
6. Conner is a genius. Connerism is the greatest discovery in videogames since Samus Arans sexual revelation.
7.- Conner Murphy is the greatest black American sine Fredrick Douglas.
by The Greek (AU) October 08, 2008

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