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An all around word that describes any noun that a group wishes to keep from an outsiders understanding. The individuals conversing understand the meaning due to similar topics on their mind, and the previous context of their conversations. Usually used to describe drugs in the open.
On the bus ride...

"Hey man you wanna get some compraznitch for later tonight?"
"I got some work to do but after im down"
by The Great RJC January 29, 2009
Coined by 3 kids from University of Michigan, it is an object, or accessory, that can be used to smoke marijuana from. It is able to be filled up with smoke and "slotted" right into ones lungs (ie; a bowl, bong, pipe, or a handcrafted version of these smoking utensils)
On the way to the cafeteria...
-"yo man do you have a slot machine on you?"
-"Naw, but we can make one out of this empty soda can"
-"werd son"
by The Great RJC January 29, 2009
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