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Leader of the teenage mutant ninja turtles
Splinter... the shredder has taken april!
by The Great One April 22, 2004
This is said in reference to one who masturbates with bubble gum...
Oh, so he's one of those guys.... you know the type they masturbate with bubble gum
by The Great One April 22, 2004
A sexual act in which one ejaculates into his own hand and throws the product into the face of his partner.
"My girlfriend really likes sports. She took the Handoff like a champion."
by The Great One January 28, 2005
When performing sweet loving or giving a girl the LDFDB, on the beach in the sand... take a moment to withdraw rub your member in the sand, and then place it directly inside your favorite hiding place.... thus cutting her veil.... woohoo
I gave that girl the veil cutlet and she bled for a month
by The Great One April 22, 2004
A respectable African-American gentleman.

also spelled aristocat
Mr. Bentley Fonzworth is an aristokat.
by The Great One February 26, 2004
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