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A cell phone, and cell phone service designed for the pathetic and worthless jerkoffs who think that they are living in some kind of fast and the furious alter reality, driving around "tricked out" civics as well as other rolling shitboxes they bought with thousands of dollars their parents gave them that they could have used to purchase a car of taste that didn't need $14,000 just so it could keep up with a stock Mustang.

An obnoxious phone for obnoxious people, but at least we can all rest easy knowing that they are getting screwed up the ass with their overpriced payment plans and tacked on fees for little to no service.

see: Excrement worthless compensation
Me: "I just got this new Verizon phone and I have great service whenever I need it."

Nextel User: "One sec...." *BEEP BEEP* "<crackling noises, and walkie-talkie sounding static and interference>" "what??"
by The Great Bafu March 15, 2005

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