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2 definitions by The Great All Powerful Definer

To fart in one another's face while performing mutual fellatio or a 69
There are two different forms of Dusting, Wet and Dry.
I believe that is self explanatory.
That couple couldn't find satisfaction in a 69 with out a good dusting.

Other uses: I'd love to Dust that guy (singular)
I just Dusted that guy (past tense)
by The Great All Powerful Definer January 03, 2011
When you defecate in a zip lock bag. Box it up and gift wrap it the send it via US Mail or Parcel Service to a willing recipient who then uses the zip locked product to gratify him or herself sexually.
I couldn't be with my girl for the Holidays so I sent her a Package Deal to help relive her sexual frustration.

My roommate decided to move out when he walked in on me opening my Package Deal.
by The Great All Powerful Definer January 04, 2011